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Little report from Norway

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Re: Little report from Norway

Bericht  tonyx44 op do 25 jun 2009, 07:52

hello magne..

just signed up for this forum...

good to see you here...

I've posted my project here...

too bad i couldn't understand the posts... but it's alright I feel comfortable here with fellow Celeste lovers...

Enjoy the hobby...
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Little report from Norway

Bericht  Magne op do 25 dec 2008, 11:07

Hello ! I have done it again.... Smile
bought a new Celeste ! It's a 1.6 ST - 79 mod . It has been in the same family since new . Only 92 000 km on the speedo , but like always this car sits in another part of Norway , I live far up north , in the area between the city of Harstad and Narvik .
The car is a runner with very little rust . It still has the stripes ( option ) alongside from the door and forward and ends over the signal lights . Have you see Celeste with this optin before ?
I have only see it on pictures . The owner said thats possible to bay metal parts from Japan , fenders and so on. Some days ago I got at tip on my chellphone regarding Celeste , a man has three parked and after a little discussion he will maybe sell two , one is 1.6 and the other a rare 2.0 GSR ! Yeah ....I now, it's a illness ! I have just found out that Celeste was sold in a bigger numbers in Finland then in Norway and there are time to time one up for sale , but with a stiff price . Well thats was my report for now . Keep in touch !

Merry Christmas and a happy new ( Celeste ) year. Very Happy

Best Regards
Magne Johansen

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